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Reassure Rubber Pant

Reassure Rubber Pant
Reassure Rubber Pants help to hold pads or briefs in place and keep clothing dry. Made from 100% latex.

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Soft, smooth and stretchable medical pant, yellowish khaki color. Helps keep clothing dry, thanks to leak-stopping, heavy-duty elastic at the waist and legs. High waist for better overnight protection. Pant provides extra security when worn over an absorbent product. Contains latex - this product is not appropriate if you have a latex or rubber allergy.
  1. Reassure Rubber Pants: An Excellent Choice for Comfort and Security Review by Mr. H

    Although I received my order of Reassure rubber pants just this week, and have only worn them for a few days, and nights, at this point I can unequivocally state that so far these Reassure rubber pants are the best waterproof diaper cover I have ever worn. I have worn virtually every type of diaper cover there is: vinyl plastic, polyurethane plastic, plastic-coated polyester, nylon pant with plastic lining, cloth with plastic lining, and so on. I haven't worn rubber pants since I was a baby and my mother used them with cloth diapers--plastic pants weren't even around yet. I have been incontinent for years, and I wish I had discovered these pants long before this.
    The Reassure rubber pants are exactly as described: very soft, very smooth and stretchable. HDIS describes them as yellowish khaki, but I think a better description is light sand-colored. HDIS describes them as a medical pant and they do have the heft, feel, and look of an institutional, or medical pant. I consider that a benefit because it means they are sturdy and designed to do the job they are meant to, without bowing to fashion. I am a heavy wetter, but have yet to have these leak and get my clothes or the furniture wet, or embarrass myself. The elastic around the waist and leg holes is heavy-duty and very snug (which is great), but it is NOT AT ALL UNCOMFORTABLE, or binding, which is also great. HDIS describes the pants as having a high waist for overnight protection. They are right, so far as I am concerned, but part of that has to do with the fact that I am a fraction over 5'4" and weigh 167 lbs., making me the spot-on average height and weight for an American woman according to the 2010 CDC statistics, despite the fact that I am a man. So, if you are a tall man or tall woman, these pants may not have as high of a waist for you as they do for me. Nevertheless they will provide great overnight protection and day protection, as well, and will provide plenty of extra assurance and security over a diaper or disposable underpants, belted garment, etc. The sizing is true on this garment. They are roomy, but snug where they need to be. The lady at HDIS helped me choose the size and she was spot-on. The HDIS Price List has the Reassure Rubber Pants listed under "Ladies' Reusables". I do not know why. I suspect it is because they are roomy in the hips, and is not because more women than men are incontinent. Trust me, these work as well for men, like me, and have no feminine trim that makes them gender specifict. And trust the lady at HDIS if you have any questions. I hope HDIS will carry these pants for a very long time. I plan to buy more.
    (Posted on 1/11/17)

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